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(Japanese: ことね . ミサキ - Kotone Misaki )

琴音 (Kotone; Sound of the Harp)
美咲 (Misaki; Beautiful Blossom )
TYPE: NyankoLoid 00-02 (Pink Cat)
GENDER Female 

Akane Kuroihoshi :Rival
Kazue Matsuyokou :Siblings
Shoutarou Natsuo :Best Friend
Kotone Saki (♂) :Brother/Genderbender
AGE 16 (official age) 
HOMEPAGE Kotone Misaki's Blog
WEIGHT 52kg 
CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate Pocky

 CREATOR ShiroNekoChii

TwitterFacebookDeviantart Blog

HEIGHT 171cm 
VOICE SOURCE ShiroNekoChii / Syifa Nurrahima 
BIRTHDAY March 24, 1996 
LIKES Cats, Quiet places, Drawing, Singing, Electronics, Weapons, and Desserts 



RELEASE DATE December 28, 2011 

DISLIKES Dumb or arrogant people, Being selfish, People saying that she is cute, Egoism 

PERSONALITY : Misaki is kind girl, much people called she cute, and kuudere, but actually she is Yandere, she acting being cold and calm to another people, and act being childish and moe to centrain people,she likes to eat dessert specially pocky, she's little bit physico whe she so angry

1 Character Design
2 Kotone Saki ♂
3 Voice Configuration
4 Genderbend
5 Extra Character Relation
6 Facts
7 Usage Clause

Character Design

Hair color: Dark Brown (v1) - Black (v2)
Eye color: Blue (right) red (left) wear eyepatch
Cloth: like pirates...brown-white jacket with button 'Shut Down' (v2) Simple jacket white-pink (v1) , actually her jacket has kitty hoodie
Pants: Black Pants + Skirt
Feet: Warm Legs (looks like solitare throuser) + White boots
Headgear: Headphone with Cat ears + Dark Pink hairclips LOOK AT HER CONCEPT ART

Nationality: Indonesian-Japanese

'Different apperance on Version 1 & 2'

Kei Style Kotone Misaki / Ver 1:

Full Kotone Misaki / Ver 2 / New Design [2013] :

Concept art Kotone Misaki / Ver 2 / New Design [2013] :

Kotone Saki ♂

Design full (same as misaki v2 )

Name : Kotone 'Mi'Saki ♂ / Saki
Voice : set flag g+18 from VB Kotone Misaki
Likes : Quite Place, Dessert, Books, Study, electronic, game
Dislikes : Crowed, Annoying person
Item : Chocolate Pocky

his personality is different not so far from Kotone Misaki

he is just kuudere not support to Yandere

Calm and Cool always quite and never show his emotional

Not talking to much and poker face

Being Black Cat / Kuro Neko (Misaki is Shiro Neko /White Cat )

He is Misaki's Brother on herself (based on Misaki)
arguably... they're are same.. another self

Voice Configuration

** All Misaki's VB is Supports Romaji and hiragana
ACT 1 : : [NEW] http://www.4shared.com/rar/RXI4CdEa/Kotone_Misaki_ACT_1.html + Fixed .oto by EASYSaeri
ACT 2 : on half record
Kotone Misaki Version 2 : --

Append (Supports romaji and hiragana)

Sweet , Dark , Mature Is on half record


Misaki has a genderbend ..her Brother, Kotone Saki (♂) '> Use g18 on misaki's voice to get his voice

Extra Character Relation
Shinobuta Kira (Siblings)
Kikaine Eliot (Relation/Unkown feelings)
Kimine Rara (Close friend)
Bellsloid (lil sist - duet partner - Fellow Nyankoloid )
Noname Tsuki (Friend - Always Debatte with her)
Yoshida Sakura (Best Friend)
Ui (Friends)
Kamirei (idol - Friends)
Kagene Himeka (idol - Friends)


She Likes Dessert
She is Shiro Neko / White Cat
She likes singing and drawing
She is yandere girl
People Call she is Kuudere
She is Calm and always ignore wherever people said
always practice something
her voice nice for slow song and gore song
She hates crowed, annoying and egoism people, and need quite place
Kotone Misaki 'saki' (boysides) / Genderbender and as her Brother
Her symbols is 'shut down' button
Many people easy to interested to her

Usage Clause

DONT CHANGE any apperances
You can use her voice but with my permission and dont forget to credits me
Please DONT pitch the voice
DONT CLAIM Kotone Misaki belogs to you
You can Fix her oto.in but ASK me first
DONT COPY her voice bank
Use Free but DONT steal the Voice bank
This voice is NOT FOR SALE
DONT be slander

Please do not change anything here without my permission !!!


- FROM WIKIA : http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Kotone_Misaki


First PV
【UTAUカバー + PV】Love Words「愛言葉」+ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SNChii&KNKun【Kotone Misaki 】 
happy anniv ahmifa

Nun Idol Girl

I = nightmare 

Meltdown Piano

Karakuri Pierrot

Demo Cover

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New updates




Unhappy Refrain

Renai Circulation

Ai no Uta

Breaking thing into Pieces


Freely Tomorrow

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Quetion for Misaki

Interview Misaki ..

Misaki will answer this question ..

- Why your master gives name 'kotone misaki' to you ?
  Dunno.. mean from my name is Sound of the harp of Beautiful Blossom .. huahuah and my master gives me 'pink' colour but my master make me like girly .. my master said im is a girlboyish'.. so meh master make my other self both sides.. thats 'saki' ..and so in my altenative design ,she make me like adventure's costum .. with weapon pack, and elegant jacket .. 

- what your relationship with 'Kikaine Eliot' .. you always duet with him... and together with him
   Dont ask that about this.. cause i dont really know .. we have unknown feeling since first duet .. first , my master declare to make me love to him, so eliot's master make same like my master .. make unknown feelings to we.. my master really confused to declare this cause my master know eliot is love to nokoru ..

- What about Misaki and Nokoru ? 
    i dont know really, sometimes she is my rival,, sometime she will be my yuri things, cause rival on love thing behind me and eliot and nokoru .. nokoru's master is angry to my master and said "whatever you want to do with your utau and saeri (eliot master) utau but you cant got saeri from me !!".. it makes me and my master confused ..

- How about your project ? 
   My master is very lazy to make the covers .. and lazy to make PV to. she said she dont have pen tablet and hard to make .. and she said she very busy..and she cant fix my oto .. i hope on my act 2 .. my voice is best than act 1.. my song always made by saeri (eliot master) and never by my master 

- Envy to someone ?
  yeah . specially for Utaune Nami .. she's talent and famous .. specialy to himeka kagene.. she has awesome voice on VCV, her oto is very awesome .. i hope i like they to 

- Hope something ?
  i hope i can be talent and famous .. have mature soft voice.. good oto and awesome art from my master .. make many song and PV .. and my append to .. i hope like that .. i hope people is like to me .. i hope utaune nami and kagene himeka is can duet with me, i hope my MMD model are finished, entered on diva project, anywhere !

- What about you and 'saki'?
   oh he's my other both sides, name Kotone Misaki to .. my other self ..we alwash fight to got the body .. whos win .. and got the body .. but .. saki always wanna got that .. actually the body is mine .. T_T"  ... he voice on me but give g15-18 flags on utau progam .. call this .. genderbend voice .. the fact is .. saki is my boys apperance ..

- What your fist debut ?
   First debut on song Antichlorobenzene upload on soundcloud and upload again with duet kikaine eliot on youtube by saeri .. second is Sky High upload on souncloud .. first song upload on youtube upload by my master is Breaking things into pieces .. and first cover art from my master ..

- Where you know Saeri (Eliot Master)
   On Deviantart .. since my master make new acc DA and talk about Kagene Himeka  .. and then she make utau named kikaine eliot.. so my master want to make a good relationship with she and then tada~ they are best friend on cyber ..

- I Heared .. Your Master Loves Design UTAU ?
    Yeah... one years ago .. she is an art thieft and  tranced ,but now she's an designer and never be art thief ... she's design many cloth on her computer , laptop and android .. she accept mane request to design utau , but her to do list very much and to hard to finished all ..

If any question.. ask me please .. i will answer that ;)

- Misaki Kotone

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

MMD Kotone Misaki


1.) http://www.mediafire.com/?4kl5yftsi0mjns9
 pass : neko
Creator : RavenUzuki-Chan 
preview :

2.) WIP 
Creator : SatariaMityo
Review :

Downloads Voice bank


- ACT1 (Can Hiragana And Romaji) : http://www.mediafire.com/?jjmy7rqqqlfm3w4 

- ACT1 new updates fixed oto : http://www.mediafire.com/?r2c23hv32xc3f8z
- ACT2 ( really soft and mature than before ): on continued to record