Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Kotone Misaki


Name : Kotone Misaki
Japanese : ことね . みさき
Mean : (ことね) Kotone : sound of the harp - (みさき) Misaki : Beautifull Blossom
Type : NyankoLoid 00-02 (shironeko)
Model : SN-16
Gender : Female
Age : 16 (official age)
Weight : 50 kg
Height : 177 cm
Item : Chocolate Pocky
Symbol : Shutdown icon
Likes : Cat, Drawing, Singing, Electronic and Weapon Things, Dark-Sweet-Soft-Horror-GirlBoy'ish Things, and Dessert
Dislikes : Dumb or arrogant person, being selfish, feminime things, broken electronic/weapon, people call she feminime or cute, egoism
Birthday : 24th March 1995
Release date : 28th December 2011

Personality : Misaki is girlboy'ish girl but she is kind girl , She being Yandere if she got jealouse or angry, She can be childish, She likes Weapon and Electonics things, she very calm and cold, she is Tsundere, She loves Cat , she always spend her time to play with her electronic or weapons , she loves dessert and specially ice cream , cookies and cream and pocky , She has unknown feelings to Kikaine Eliot, maybe she loves him , She always Fight to her other self (Kotone Misaki  (♂) / Saki ) cause whos to be winner ,they will got the body 

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